Men are welcome.
We are your destination for a professional hair-cut in a comfortable setting, where all the stylists welcome you by name.  A man needs to know that  his hair will be cut to his specs--sit back and not worry.

We are familiar with a broad-array of men's styles--from cutting edge to executive traditional. And we work with you to provide the right fit with your lifestyle and personality.

Our stylists are experts in hair and hair-types. We can answer your questions from the right product to use--to trimming your mustache--to your interest in color.

Color is our specialty.  Stop by to discuss your interests; whether  you want to explore new options or simply maintain a more youthful look with dignity and style.

Tanning/waxing and manicures.

e know how to treat a man.

Appointments cheerfully taken.
Tel. 518-828-1164

Now open on Mondays too!
Open Monday through Saturday; Late hours to fit your busy schedule.
Convenient parking. 319 Fairview Avenue, Hudson.


Deciding which hairstyle to take on is a difficult decision, since it can completely alter one's appearance, for better or worse.
But the question is, which men's hairstyles are popular now and make you look and feel your best? 
Bring in photos, or look at our books. Our guidance is based on  30 years of experience.

What conditioner should I use? Should I let it grow longer? Cut it shorter? What to do about dry scalp? Should I tan before I go on a trip?  How often should I get my hair cut?
Come on in... or give us a call. Or shoot us an email:

What's the difference?
A successful relationship.

Successful businessmen thrive on trusting relationships.
At Hair We Are, you develop a long-lasting relationship with the stylist of your choice. For some of our customers, it means a relationship that lasts years, even decades! Our loyal clients travel far and wide (from Poughkeepsie, Saugerties, Kingston, Catskill, as well as from all over Columbia County) to get professional hair-care that they rely on.

Q. Why not go to one of the drive-up chains? Don't they save time?
A.  Well, do you have time for a bad hair day?  We don't? 
And we do not believe that speed (a rush job) serves your best interests. 
Our professional, friendly stylists understand you-and your hair.  The better we know you, the better your hair-cut
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