Endorsements and Partners
We are pleased to provide links to the partners and members of our community whom we endorse as being the best of the best.

Periodically, we will also use this page to post endorsements from our clients. You are always welcome to send us a note and photo for us to highlight.


Vasilow's My sweet sixteen year old niece said, "This is my favourite present--I love it so much that I am sharing it with my friends, and we eat one a day, to make it last!!!"

Vasilow's Confectionery  
741 Columbia Street Hudson   tel. (518) 828-2717

We love Vasilow's.  If you want the best -the freshest ingredients, and quality that people from Hudson to the world over have enjoyed for 80 years--then this is the place. In fact, one of our favourite endorsements comes from my sweet-sixteen niece, Paige, who exclaimed (in a hand-written thank-you note) "This was the best gift ever!!! Although I'm sharing it with my friends, we are only eating one a day- to make it last longer."

If you haven't been to Vasilow's yet, here's a tip: Make sure you buy one for yourself, of everything you buy as a gift---one of us has been known to raid the gift box.

 All dressed up and nowhere to get married? Why not the Apple Barn Farm, for a beautiful outdoors Columbial County styled wedding. http://rombers.tripod.com/index.htm

Photography-The greatest day of your life.

When you have a wedding, you have to get it right the first time.
This goes for preparing hair, on the morning of...and capturing the greatest day of your life with timeless photography. Penny Souza is one of our photographers of choice, see her work at http://www.penportraits.com/   She will even arrange to be with your wedding party as you get your hair done--for some great 'behind-the-scenes' images.

For more info. on all things weddings see:  http://ny.topweddingsites.com/

Shout outs--No one. Repeat NO ONE, makes a better Martini than Robert at the Red Dot.  (Warren Street, Hudson, NY) His wisdom lies deep within his bones.

Local III, Main Street, Philmont.  Linda and Max have changed the face of Philmont, by transforming a space into a beautifully lit bar and restaurant, a great place to stop in for a drink and meal.

Where we shop for jewelry:

(Rita)  Van Alstyne Jewelry
Main Street, Chatham.

Why? Elegance and style. Great service.
And a friendly environment built around helping their customers every way that they can.  It's our type of business. We love them.

And...did we mention we love parties?
Hair We Are
Sent: Monday, September 10, 2007 5:40 PM
Subject: thank you!

i had my hair done at your salon this past saturday at noon, an updo
for my wedding at apple barn farm.  i just wanted to thank you and your
staff for doing such a great job!  not only was my hairstylist very
nice and good at making me feel completely at ease, but she did
wonderful work.  my hair looked beautiful!  i received many
compliments.  so thank you for helping my wedding day be so
wonderful--i really appreciate it.
sarah c

 One of our favourite new customers, all the way from Woodstock:

Dear Bonnie:
       I am extremely glad I stumbled onto your shop on-line. I took your advice and talked to Beth who cut my hair Thurs. night, and met some of your staff. First let me say you were all real nice and your shop has a great feel. Beth was excellent. She did what no-one else has for starters and that was to talk and listen really well. She has a great eye for what she is doing and given what she had to work with, did great by me. Thanx again Beth, and all.
We are big, big, big fans of Danyell Ray, Chef of Georgia Ray's Catering. In fact, we order gormet food in, every Friday.

From their website:  Georgia Ray’s – Catering Fine Foods our mission is to provide the highest quality food, professionally prepared and presented to delight all of your senses. Our top rated staff, beginning with our own C.I.A. graduate Chef Danyell, will put your mind at ease and aid you in planning your special event; From plated dinners for a Formal Wedding to Backyard BBQ Buffets and even simple Deliveries – complete with heating instructions. Our savory food and courteous service will leave nothing to be desired.

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